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Functional Fitness

Traditional Movements and Metabolic Conditioning 

Focused Military Prep

Workouts and Programs for those preparing for Special Forces Selection or the Ranger Assessment and Selection Program

Educate and Give Back

Resources to promote health and give back



This site exists to educate and promote a lifestyle for those looking to better themselves and perform at a higher level.  Athletes can focus on programs for basic strength and fitness or military movements that promote and elevate combat levels, for those preparing for RASP 1,  RASP 2 or SFAS. 

Upcoming Releases

Cronus Fitness will continue to update its content with videos to illustrate movements, as well as recommended content that will aid in self development and improvement.  Cronus Fitness will develop Squad level fitness programs for Infantry in the near future. 


Cronus Fitness exists to support past, present and future veterans, as well as individuals on a path towards a better tomorrow.  Please contact us if you are interested in promoting events or charities in aiding service members or Americans. 


Cronus Fitness was created by Army Rangers looking to develop a better program towards fitness and combat readiness.  RLTW