In the time provided complete as many rounds as possible (AMRAP).  The workout will be written with a time standard followed by AMRAP.  Listed beneath the workout will be a series of movements and the rep scheme: during the workout you complete the required repetitions for the movement before moving to the next requirement.  Example

15AMRAP (15 min As many rounds as possible)

10x Power Cleans

12x Toe to Bar

15x Air Squat

-- In order, complete 10x Power Cleans, then 12x toes to bar, and finally 15x Air Squats before moving back to power cleans.  Complete this round as many times as possible in the time assigned. 


Every minute on the minute (EMOM) is a workout set to rounds of :60 seconds.  An EMOM workout will either be one movement or several movements to be completed within :60 seconds.  Once an athlete finishes the assigned movements, he/she will resume at the start of the next minute and continue for as many rounds as directed.  Example

10EMOM (10 min. Every minute on the minute)

20 Air Squats and 5 Burpees

-- Start at :00 and complete 20 Air Squats, then 5 Burpees.  Any left over time is the rest period until :60, when the workout resumes for 10 minutes

--Another EMOM workout will list 

20 Air Squats

10 Pull Ups

This workout requires 20x Air Squats in the first minute, then on the next minute conducting 10 pull ups, alternating every minute for each exercise. 


Rounds for Time is a workout where a series of exercises is written with the intent of finishing a prescribed number of rounds as fast as possible.  Example


10x Dead Lifts

15x Snatch

20x Push Ups

-- Complete 10x Dead Lifts, then 15x Snatch, and then 20 push ups for one round, complete this circuit five times as fast as possible. 

Olympic Lifts and Movements

Strength Movements:

BS - Back Squat (standard Squat)

FS - Front Squat

OHP/SP - Overhead Press/Strict Press (no leg drive)

PP - Push Press (leg drive, no second dip to catch)

DL - Dead Lift

KB - Kettle Bell

DB - Dumbell

BB - Barbell

Olympic Weightlifting Movements:

SC - Squat Clean (Full Clean)

PC - Power Clean (Cleaning the bar from the ground with minimal front squat)

HPC - Hang Power Clean (Power clean from the hang position)

PJ - Push Jerk

SJ - Split Jerk

Hang Positions for OLY

  1. Low hang - below the knee
  2. Hang - slightly above the knee (standard hang)
  3. High Hang - mid/upper thigh. Almost hip crease
  4. Hip crease - bar is inside your hip crease

Gymnastics Movements

TTB - Toes to bar

MU - Muscle Up

HSPU - Handstand Pushup


WB - Wall ball (With medicine ball complete a front squat then stand and throw the ball on a 9ft target on the wall, catch and repeat)

ASLT Bike (AAB) - Bike for calories on Assault Bike (Airdyne Bike)

SA - Single Arm

Waiter Walk - Hold a weighted plate in an open palm, elbow bent to your hip with your hand bent out at a 90 degree angle

Repetition Scheme

3x5 - 3 rnds of 5 repetitions

3x4+2 - 3 rnds of 4 repetitions of one movement followed by 2 repetitions of a second movement. Example

PC+PP 3x4+2

-- For 3 rnds, complete 4x Power Clean followed by 2x Push Press